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What’s a PEG tube?

This is a PEG tube. On one end are three prongs. Two, like the open one in the image, allows for insertion of an irrigation syringe (has a pour opening, not a needle) to ingest water, meds, nutrition. The third prong is used to inflate the balloon on the far end of the PEG tube. The balloon is deflated when the PEG tube is inserted into the stomach, then inflated to keep the PEG tube from popping back out. The disk just above the balloon rests against the outside of the stomach wall to keep the balloon snug up against the inside of the stomach wall.

This is a syringe. Take off the end cover, put the end in water, pull to fill. Insert into prong of PEG tube and push steadily to ‘purge’ the PEG tube. Next, grind up all pills, mix with liquid meds and some water, then pull and push that through with the syringe. Use another syringe – with the inside plunger extracted – to ingest liquid nutrition (Jevity 1.5). Since the Jevity is more dense than water, gravity force is enough for it to flow into the stomach at a slow but steady rate. After finishing the Jevity, ‘purge’ the PEG tube with a syringe of water to keep the PEG tube clean. Clean both syringes with boiling water for next use. Wait 3 1/2 hours and repeat, 5 times per day. A good schedule: 6:30 am, 9:45, 1:00, 4:15 & 7:30 pm. If all this wears you out, be sure to wait at least 30 minutes after ingesting before lying down.

That’s our lesson for today. Below is an image of a can of Jevity 1.5 nutrition.

Have a good PEG day!


2 thoughts on “What’s a PEG tube?

  1. Jack,Saw your post at the OCF site. If you are now permenantly on a PEG, you may want to look at getting a button. This sits flush to the abdomen and has no tube hanging out. The tube locks into the button when you need it, but detaches. I have a Boston Scientific and I know there are other models out there. If you post at the OCF site, others can give you some additional options. I know Charm has a different model and he is delighted after 4 years of all PEG use.

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