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Interaction desired

Tell you what: it’s time we got some interaction going!

I’m fortunate – I’m up and about. My PEG has made my life much better! In the months before I was hospitalized for pneumonia, I was coughing at every meal and as it turns out, getting sicker each time I tried to eat or drink.

As most of you know, the procedure for PEG insertion is no big deal. And once the good doctors at St. John’s in Springfield Illinois got me set up and I went through a couple months of ‘breathing treatments’ to get rid of the junk in my lungs, I was up and running – well, walking really…

I’ve always exercised – running until I got older, then walking at least 2 miles each day – outdoors in the weather unless it was so bad I had to resort to the treadmill. I believe that regimen allowed me to recover quickly.

I still have some problems with keeping my lungs cleared. Requires vigilance and lots of spitting, sometimes in not the most comfortable circumstances.

So that’s me. It’s good that I’m feeling healthy and keeping my weight regulated. But it’s not so good that I’m never gonna eat or drink again…

What about you? Are you up and ambulatory? Are you on the PEG for the foreseeable future like me or just until your medical conditions improve? Either way, I’d sure like to hear from you!

To make it worth your while to respond, I’ll offer a free uplifting song. Here’s the link:


Pick any song you want – to download to your player. I recommend: 03_bevs_song.m4a
Lord, we sure could use a Miracle today!

Have a good PEG day!


One thought on “Interaction desired

  1. I know it's not easy, but Jack is doing great.Sometimes i feel really guilty fixing my supper, but he wants me to still enjoy my meals (except for tacos). I love him and look forward toeach we have together. We still make each other laugh. Very important!

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