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Replacing the PEG

So, I wore out the end of my first PEG tube. The flange that held the plug in place was tearing off. I went to St. John’s radiology department and they had me in and out in less than half and hour. What was funny: at the point where the actual extraction / insertion occurred, the Dr. said “you ready?” then tug, pop, it was over in less than 5 seconds. I don’t think they even had to use any local anesthetic. It is truly easy. And my new one has a replaceable end that’s made of a more sturdy plastic – this one should last more than the 6 months life span of the first one.

But hey! look at this, it’s called a ‘button’:

Next time (and I’m in no hurry, I hate going anywhere near a hospital!) I might think about getting a ‘button’. A person who interacted on this blog suggested I look into it. There appears to be quite a difference in convenience. Right now I have a ‘sling’ my wife made to keep the PEG up and out of the way of my belt, etc.

The pouch is handy and I’m grateful. But compare this to a button. There’s nothing hanging:

There’s an apparatus that comes with the button that ‘plugs in’ to the button and functions just exactly like the outer portion of a regular PEG tube.

Huh… learn something new every day!

Have a good PEG day!



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