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Sometimes it’s good to have an imagination!

12/12/12 was our anniversary. Karen and I have always celebrated by going out to eat. Wait a minute… everyone who can go out to eat, take one step forward. Not so fast there, Jack.

So, what to do? Well we decided to at least do the ‘go’ part of ‘go out to eat’. We went back to our old hometown, Columbia MO, where we raised our family and where I went to school. We took the camera and made pictures of the homes we’d lived in and some of our old haunts.

We moved away in 1977 so there have been many changes, especially in a vibrant college town. But we sure had a good time walking down memory lane on our 48th anniversary.  
Karen ordered take-out ribs and she ate those while I took my evening PEG feeding. It was nice!

As I say, sometimes it can be depressing to not be able to enjoy things you once celebrated with food… But a little imagination turned a bummer into a fun time.

Happy anniversary, Babe!


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