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Some interesting book news

You remember that book I’ve written which makes a detailed mentioning of my experiences living with a PEG tube?


Candidly, no one was reading it.

I put it on Amazon, Amazon Kindle, Nook, CreateSpace, GoodReads, and Lulu.com. But still no takers!

So, finally I decided to take it off Nook (so there would be only Kindle selling the ebook), then took advantage of Kindle’s KDP feature which allows me to set my ebook price to zero for 5 days. Their claim is that letting some people read my book for free will encourage reviews and up my Amazon ratings.

So, I did that. Now to find out if what Kindle claims is true:

Well, so far (2 out of the 5 days), 910 people have taken advantage of downloading the free copy. And my Amazon ratings have gone up. Still no reviews, but then it should take a couple of days for someone to read it.

If writing turns out to be just a hobby (e.g. nobody ever actually buys any of my books) at least I can say over 900 people have downloaded a copy of one of my books! Hey, that’s not so bad…
Well, that’s not a very cheery outlook though, is it?
We shall see… what we shall see…




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