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Not always pleasant

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Okay so sometimes, I don’t know why or what triggers it — I get this really gross buildup of gunk in my throat.

I feel like it’s blocking my airway or that I need to vomit. It’s like I’ve got a bunch of mayonnaise-textured peanut butter in the back of my mouth.

Since I have no feeling back there, it builds up to maybe a full tablespoon or more before I’m aware of it.

So what to do? Well, first of all, I check pretty often. I cough to see if there’s any discomfort. I may also sneeze or feel the need to blow my nose.

Okay, so now I know there’s something back there. Wherever I am, I STOP whatever I’m doing and deal with it!

If I’m at home, I go to the kitchen table where I keep a tiny LED-bulb flashlight and one of my wife’s old make up mirrors. At my feeding station I also have some DEN-TIPS (sucker sticks with a sponge on the end). Oh, and some torn strips of paper towel work better than Kleenex. Clean hands are important, too, because my fingers are gonna be deep into my mouth! Then I cough, gag, and digwith the den-tip and paper towel strips, until I get that gunk out of my throat and mouth!

If I’m out for a walk and can feel the buildup is there … I do the best I can. I  STOP. And whether my hands are clean or not I use my fingers if that’s all I have!

Okay, so it is traumatic — scares the hell out of me every time it happens!  But it’s not fatal — just messy.

After it’s over, I sit down and get myself under control. And then…

I go on with my life.

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