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The importance of Exercise

My doctors are doing all they can to keep me alive. My part of the bargain is stay as healthy as possible. Here are several reasons for my walking 2.5 miles each day:

Endorphins — love ’em! I used to be a runner and got used to the runner’s high. Still get a pretty good lift from putting in my miles.

Sleep — wear your ass out every day and you’ll sleep better every night. I’m pretty sure that’s a Chinese proverb.

Weight control — well, duh…

Buddy —  he’s my dog. If Buddy misses his walk he gets grumpy. And who likes a grumpy dog?

Karen — she’s my wife. Another good reason to exercise… It keeps me vigorous and handsome (her valued opinion!).  Plus, I think she’d miss me if I weren’t around. You know, maybe I should have listed my wife before my dog.

Keep out! — of hospitals and doctor’s offices! I hate those places, don’t you?

Attitude — how bad can life be if I can still get out “among ’em”?

Neighbors — “Hey, that old dude from down the street is out there in the snow with his dog. He’s a crazy old fart, but he is tenacious.” Can’t let the neighbors down.

Have A good PEG day!


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