New Smashwords ebook “Living on a PEG”


Title: “Living on a PEG”

Genre: Nonfiction, Inspirational

“I want to tell my story in a way that celebrates life.” That’s how author Jack Teeter described his latest work. The author is a long-term throat cancer survivor. Every day of life is a blessing, but there have been stumbling blocks along the way.

Recently, residual radiation nerve damage caused all foods and liquids to aspirate directly into his lungs. “I now take all of my nourishment through a PEG tube in my stomach,” he said, “man, I miss tacos!”

But rather than give up, the author decided to write a book.

“We’re very proud of this work,” the author’s wife Karen said, “and we hope it’s an inspiration to ‘PEG’ tube feeders everywhere.”


Feeding Tube Awareness Week is coming Feb. 10-16


Feeding Tube Awareness Week
February 10-16, 2013

Join us in celebrating Feeding Tube Awareness Week!

Tube feeding makes life possible, yet the general public is not likely to associate it with infants, children, and adults living full lives. Moreover, they are not likely to think of people who often look healthy as having a need for a feeding tube. By raising awareness, you can help create understanding and hope in others.

My new MIC-KEY* button. Why are there two (2) ports? (Part I)

MICkeywithlabelsMy new MIC-KEY* button. Why are there two (2) ports? (I)

The Feeding Port. The Feeding port is used to deliver nutrients, liquids, and medication into my stomach using an attachable feeding tube.

feeding tube 2

mic-key button extension

When I’m not feeding, I cap off this port with the attached cover. (An anti-reflux valve located inside and toward the top of the Feeding port helps keep stomach contents from leaking out of the tube. I open (unlock) the valve when I attach the extension set to the port for feeding.)

The Oley Foundation!

oley logo

I gotta tell you about The OLEY foundation!

Here’s the link:

And their mission: ‘Enriches the lives of those requiring home IV & tube feeding through education, outreach, & networking.’

‘MY HPN’, is an educational tool to help Home Enteral Nutrition consumers (HEN) patients improve their health and quality of life. The ‘Take Charge’ module is a marvelous video!  <BTW — Enteral Nutrition: a way to deliver nutrients through a tube if you cannot take food or drink through your mouth.>

There are tabs for ‘Travel Tips’, ‘HPN Research’, ‘Equipment-Supplies’ and many more.

I’ll give you an example of one thing I learned in perusing their materials: See, at the hospital, the nurses always mixed all my morning meds and force-pumped them down. Well at home (all this time) I’ve been trying to do the same thing. The meds make almost a paste — a big sticky mess to cope with. Oley’s solution (duh!):  process the meds one at a time. Since I only take one or two meds the rest of the day, I know that’s not messy! I can’t wait to start using this idea tomorrow morning. So simple… but as patients we tend to do things like the nurses showed us. Live and learn!

The OLEY foundation!

You gotta go see this site!

Have a great PEG day!