Had to try

Remember this picture from Cool Hand Luke? Where Paul Newman eats 50 eggs?


It’s been well over a year and I promised my Dr. I’d get tested again for swallowing. I cheated and tried drinking about 5 ml of water the day before and felt like I was drowning — so I had no hope at all.

So, they stood me sideways at the x-ray machine. Then they gave me a plastic spoonful of white pudding. Tasted pretty good. I swallowed… and swallowed… and swallowed…

Nada! Zip! Bupkiss! The pudding got as far as the base of my tongue and just sat there.

The poor x-ray tech kept saying ‘It’s okay, go ahead and swallow now.” As if!

Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Life goes on. If at first you don’t succeed try, try again. Add you favorite axiom here:_______

Have a good PEG day!