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Travel and time…


We enjoyed our second travel experience since beginning life on a P.E. G. All went very well indeed!

We drove from Brighton IL to Tupelo MS and on to New Orleans LA — and back the same route — to visit my brother and some wonderful OLEY friends.

At home, I’ve kept a rigid feeding schedule to maintain my weight and make a full recovery from aspiration pneumonia.

On the road, I found that time got away from me a few times — I would look at the clock and find myself an hour past my regular feeding time. I’m glad to say I was able to adjust, just like I would if I were a ‘mouth feeder’. I simply had half a can less of Jevity or even skipped a can if it would make me bloated on my next feeding.

I was careful, though, to always get all of my water — even if I was late! Missing a can of Jevity — here or there — is no different than ‘mouth feeders’ changing their diet to accommodate their travel schedule. But for us PEGgers, never, never, never skip hydration. I may be two hours off schedule but I will get my water and meds!

As long as my day includes the full component of hydration, I can make due in the short term by altering my Jevity intake. Wow, I feel like a ‘regular’ guy — Living (not just surviving) On A P.E.G.!!

Have a great PEG day!



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