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Eating … sorta!


Haven’t updated for some time… But a new development is worth mentioning.

As you may recall, my disorder prevents me from swallowing. My nutrition/hydration solution is my P.E.G. and I am quite healthy overall: I exercise regularly, volunteer in my community and live an ordinary life – except for that part about not being able to swallow.

I’ve mentioned in this space how much I miss eating. Breaking it down, eating is:

smelling food

chewing food

tasting food

swallowing food

digesting food

So, I got to thinking…

my sense of smell still works

I can chew

my sense of taste still works

I digest my Jevity 1.5 food very well

The only conflict? I can do everything involved with eating, except swallowing. Okay, this is the sorta gross part: After smelling, chewing, and tasting what happens to the food (a bite of takeout Zaxby’s chicken fingers tonight, for example)? Simple. Every bit of that bite of Zaxby’s chicken is still in my mouth. I simply spit it out.

That is not something I do in a hoyty-toyty restaurant; it’s absolutely an ‘excuse me a moment please’ activity to be done in private. But in just a moment (after rinsing out my mouth) I can come back to the table and start my P.E.G. feeding while others continue to enjoy their meal. I’m still smelling the food and there’s even a bit of residual taste.

I guess life is what we make of it, huh?

Have a great PEG day!


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