Eating Disorders?


Corresponding with a new friend, I expressed a few thoughts that might be worth sharing here:

>>When I am fishing, or spending time with one of my sons, or driving, or exercising, or working on the computer, or reading, or … you get where I’m going with this … when I am doing all the things that make being alive worthwhile, the LAST thing I am thinking about is eating (or in my case, not eating). My body needs nutrition in order to perform life’s functions. What difference does it really make how I get that nutrition? I stick my tube into my button, wait for the food and water to flow into my stomach, pull out the tube, close off my button, and get back to living.
I try not to let my life (or the life of those who love me) become focused upon how I eat. What do sick people with anorexia, bulimia, binge-eating, etc. have in common? Each has an unhealthy focus upon eating.
The people in my life see that the way I eat is only that: the way I eat. My tube is a utensil, like a cup, or a plate, or a spoon. Life is short. None of us have time to worry about my feeding tube.<<
Thanks for letting me vent!