Travel and time…


We enjoyed our second travel experience since beginning life on a P.E. G. All went very well indeed!

We drove from Brighton IL to Tupelo MS and on to New Orleans LA — and back the same route — to visit my brother and some wonderful OLEY friends.

At home, I’ve kept a rigid feeding schedule to maintain my weight and make a full recovery from aspiration pneumonia.

On the road, I found that time got away from me a few times — I would look at the clock and find myself an hour past my regular feeding time. I’m glad to say I was able to adjust, just like I would if I were a ‘mouth feeder’. I simply had half a can less of Jevity or even skipped a can if it would make me bloated on my next feeding.

I was careful, though, to always get all of my water — even if I was late! Missing a can of Jevity — here or there — is no different than ‘mouth feeders’ changing their diet to accommodate their travel schedule. But for us PEGgers, never, never, never skip hydration. I may be two hours off schedule but I will get my water and meds!

As long as my day includes the full component of hydration, I can make due in the short term by altering my Jevity intake. Wow, I feel like a ‘regular’ guy — Living (not just surviving) On A P.E.G.!!

Have a great PEG day!



Making ready for a trip.


Well, time to pack up all my gear…

We’re going on a week-long trip.

Let’s see:  3 cases of Jevity 1.5;  2 gal. of pure water (can buy more anywhere);  extra tubing, syringes,med. cups, throat brushes; meds; spare MIC-KEY button (just in case).

Hope I thought of everything.

No worries. Looking forward to our trip to Louisiana to see Errol, Jo and Duval! With a side stop coming and going to visit brother Ron and his wife Leslie.


Happy P.E.G. Day! May 3rd



May 3rd is my HAPPY P.E.G. DAY!!!

One full year of unexpected extra life thanks to:

1. My darling wife Karen (and the rest of my wonderful family) – who helped me to choose life!

2. Dr. Kakumani – who insisted I at least try!

3. The people at OLEY and Inspire – who have been a constant inspiration!

4. The people at SW Illinois SCORE (especially David, John, Bob and Joel) and at Bookshare – who helped me find purpose!

5. All the trains that go rushing through Brighton – a constant reminder of how truly down, depression can be!

Happy P.E.G. day!!!

Donating paperback books





Donating ‘Living On A PEG’ paperback books for St John’s Infusion Center patients.

The people at St John’s Hospital’s Infusion Center have been doing a great job of keeping me alive. They supply all the information, training, equipment and supplies I need to make it through each day.

I have purchased several of my ‘Living on a PEG‘ paperbacks. It is my intention to deliver those books to the Infusion Center so they can give them away to new patients who would like to know what the Enteral Nutrition experience is going to be like.


Home Infusion

The Home Infusion Program at St. John’s Hospital provides quality, comprehensive home infusion therapies to patients of all ages. To provide continuity from the hospital or office throughout therapy, product delivery and patient education is coordinated by a registered nurse.


• Enteral nutrition/Tube feedings

• Total parenteral nutrition (TPN)

Getting ready

Patients may feel a little apprehensive about managing treatment at home, which is a normal reaction. We understand these feelings and help with preparation for therapy at home.

• The patient and/or a member of the household is trained to perform procedures involved in care.
• Prescription and supply needs are determined.
• Supplies, materials and prescriptions are delivered to the home.

A free ebook about my PEG experiences



Hi Everyone!

As a ‘getting to know the author’ promotion, 

I am offering “Living On A PEG” for FREE

Here’s the Link: (SMASHWORDS ebook) .

See synopsis below.     
 BTW: I’d appreciate a REVIEW when you finish!

“I want to tell my story in a way that celebrates life.” That’s how Jack Teeter describes his latest work. The author is a long-term throat cancer survivor. Every day of life is a blessing, but there have been stumbling blocks along the way.
Recently residual radiation nerve damage caused all foods and liquids to aspirate directly into his lungs. “I now take all of my nourishment through a PEG tube in my stomach,” he said, “man, I miss tacos!”
But rather than give up, the author decided to write a book.
“We’re very proud of this work,” Jack’s wife, Karen, said, “and we hope it’s an inspiration to cancer survivors everywhere.”

Feeding Tube Awareness Week is coming Feb. 10-16


Feeding Tube Awareness Week
February 10-16, 2013

Join us in celebrating Feeding Tube Awareness Week!

Tube feeding makes life possible, yet the general public is not likely to associate it with infants, children, and adults living full lives. Moreover, they are not likely to think of people who often look healthy as having a need for a feeding tube. By raising awareness, you can help create understanding and hope in others.