Happy P.E.G. Day! May 3rd



May 3rd is my HAPPY P.E.G. DAY!!!

One full year of unexpected extra life thanks to:

1. My darling wife Karen (and the rest of my wonderful family) – who helped me to choose life!

2. Dr. Kakumani – who insisted I at least try!

3. The people at OLEY and Inspire – who have been a constant inspiration!

4. The people at SW Illinois SCORE (especially David, John, Bob and Joel) and at Bookshare – who helped me find purpose!

5. All the trains that go rushing through Brighton – a constant reminder of how truly down, depression can be!

Happy P.E.G. day!!!


Sometimes I get depressed

Yesterday I experienced a deep, dark period of depression.


So… I turned out the lights, pulled up some classical music on iTunes, and lay down to rest.

I wasn’t thinking about my PEG tube experience, per se. I wasn’t feeling ill — in fact I’ve felt so much better since I’ve been on Home Enteral Nutrition. The weather hasn’t been great, but I’ve still been out walking every day or at least on my old stand-by treadmill. I’ve not had any bad news. And best of all, I’m loved.

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Jack drying buddy

Never mind… I feel better!